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Online or Hybrid Events

Broadcast facilities for any scale Virtual Event

Technical Direction and Show Craft

Consultation on show direction for best audience engagement. Guidance on all potential platforms, social media simulcasts and user interface to enhance any online experience.

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Video Production

Live and pre-recorded video shoots for broadcast.
Professional soundproof studios, Artarmon based Micro Studio or on location. Remote site video records. Broadcast/content direction, stage sets, camera systems, audio engineering and lighting design.

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Content Management

Sydney based Edit Suite & MCR (Master Control Room) to enable global control of any scale streamed event, including: Video playback, graphics, integrated (multi-platform) video conference feeds, chat windows, polling, Q&A and post stream analytics.

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Supply of complete streaming and hosting system to facilitate all forms of live and on demand media. Can perform independently or feed to existing online platforms.